Digital Architect for all things web-based.

Based in the South of England, I provide adhoc freelance and contractual support to digital agencies & businesses of all sizes and all industries.

Digital agency bornandbred since 2000, my projects are being used by people all over the world. E-Commerce websites, online booking systems & API Integrations are my bread and butter.

Best placed leading the scoping and requirements analysis; translating the technical stuff into terminology all stakeholders can understand, either as part of your team, or remotely.

Digital Agency Support

Trendy craft beer drinking digital agency? Got a pool table* & smashed avocado vending machine? Get in touch if you need any ad-hoc or retained support. * Not actually required

In-House Support

Tackling a big internal project or in need of additional skills or capacity? Get in touch if you need support on scoping, workflow refinement, training or development.

Website Consultancy & Development

Brochure sites to E-Commerce, supporting the entire life cycle or working individual phases. Reviewing, debugging & resolving concerns to create smoother experiences for your customers & team. There will be no "Add More Pop" or ego fluffing, just honest, credible input.

Bespoke Web Applications & DevOps

Business management tools, data-flow, system integration & architecture. Understanding your business, requirements analysis and then getting down & dirty. Using Symfony, Silex, Slim & Twig (<insert another decent framework here>). I'm an API documentation whore.

E-Commerce & Booking Systems

Put your shop live & you’ll have orders flying in the door they said. Integration with reservations, fulfilment, payment gateways & CRM takes an organisational ninja. Whoever is in charge of Configuration Management will become my best friend (or worst enemy).

UX Wireframing & Prototyping

User identification, requirements, card-sorting, information architecture & prototype development (throw in some more buzzwords if you're a product owner). Review. Refine. Restart. This is where my typography & image aspect ratio OCD gets out of control.

CMS Implementation & API Integration

An advocate of Craft CMS, right from its inception. Scoping and building Modules & Plugins to do just about anything. I have an unhealthy obsession with CMS architecture - I even wrote a dissertation on it. Don’t ask me to work with WordPress. No. Never.

Development Management & Workflow Refinement

"4 PMs & 4 BAs and they’re still wondering why we’re not delivering any projects". Half the battle is implementing best-practice, deployment procedures, mentoring & technical project management. Full disclosure - I hated version control in a past life.

when I’m not working, my life revolves around pursuing the dream of racing across oceans on sailboats, running ultra-marathons and sampling as much rum as I can.

Let's go for a coffee (or beer). I like things informal & friendly.